The starting point was the so-called Strategic Storage Project, a historical industrial project with the aim of creating underground storage of refined fuel products in Saudi Arabia. In 1996 Midroc Europe was formed, bringing together all the different operations needed in the project.

Businessman Mohammed Al-Amoudi was awarded the order in cooperation with a number of Swedish companies and in order to carry out the gigantic project a number of companies were acquired or started up, both in and outside of Sweden.
To create a suitable structure to bring together all these different operations, Al-Amoudi formed the Midroc Europe Group in 1996 with the help of Lennart Wikström. The strategy was to let each company develop according to its own potential, but also to work with each other as much as possible to create synergy effects. Each company has the goal to become best in their own industry while at the same time being a natural part of the Midroc Group.
The strategy has been a success because today Midroc is a leading player with operations in eight countries. Our oldest subsidiary was started already in 1904, but the creation of Midroc in 1996 means that these well-established and highly qualified companies were brought together in an integral and mutually constructive alliance.